hm x Ruke collaboration collectionProduced by Mieko HanadaKai(Kai)Now on sale

Made from the highest quality leather in the world
Mieko produces new products from the haute couture brand Ruke!

Ruke, an auto couture brand using the world's highest quality leather, will release the "hm x Ruke collaboration collection" in collaboration with talent Mieko at the Ruke official online shop on Friday, August 13, 2021.

タレント 花田美恵子さん

Talent Mieko

It was my first experience to produce a bag.
The process of deciding the design, size, and color of the bag is very fun and deeply memorable as I meet Mr. Wada (owner) and convey his hopes before my thoughts take shape. It became a thing.
It is the only bag in the world that listens carefully to my small commitment until the end and is uncompromising.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the local staff who made the order for us to reproduce the order from Japan, which is far away, despite the inconvenience caused by the corona. We look forward to the opportunity to visit Bali in the near future.


The first collaboration

The first collaboration is "Kai"
A shoulder-type bag that is easy to match with any fashion, regardless of the season.
With a unisex design using the highest quality Italian cowhide, you can use it for a long time.
You can choose your favorite color from 9 colors in semi-order.
Please enjoy your own wonderful original bag.

Height 32 cm x width 20 cm x gusset 10 cm

Semi-order backpack that you can choose your favorite color

A 茶色い革の部分 ブラック ホワイト ネイビー レッド イエロー ブラウン パープル グリーン ブルー B 黒い革の部分 ブラック ホワイト ネイビー レッド イエロー ブラウン パープル グリーン ブルー C ジップ・アクセサリー ゴールド シルバー 各ABCのカラーをお選びいただけます。

Take a walk with your dog
I made it with an image!

When I thought about the situation with a bag in my lifestyle these days, I realized that there are only two patterns: walking my dog and shopping everyday!
That's why I first thought that I wanted to have something I liked, and I wanted something that could be matched to any fashion, regardless of the season.
When taking a walk, I think it's best to have both hands free so that you can concentrate on your dog. On weekends, I often take a walk with my husband, so I tried to design and color that men can choose.

I think it is perfect not only for pants style but also for women's one-mile fashion.
The colors and materials of the parts have been carefully selected so that they will not be too casual, so you will be able to use them for a long time. I'm looking forward to the memories of my dog being engraved as I use it.