Remawa [Cowhide] Yellow & Baby Blue Patchwork Style

¥44,900 ¥89,800

Handbags handmade by skilled craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia. It has a large capacity and is designed using a solid cowhide material. The opening is wide and easy to store, and a double zip is used to open and close it, so it is very useful when taking out important things. The strap-shaped fringe is also removable so you can enjoy it. The combination of yellow and baby blue is a color selection that brightens your feelings and style just by holding it. The square patchwork-like design is a technique that can only be done by careful handwork, and it is a bag that is particular about details. The lightweight bag can be used in a variety of situations, not to mention everyday use.

* The specifications of the image may differ depending on the amount of light.

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