Lambda [crocodyl leather] baby pink patchwork style


A two-chamber bi-fold business card holder made by hand by skilled craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia.
[Material / Design]
It has a structure that allows you to separate the stock and the business cards you received.
The gentle pink crocodyl leather is cut into a round shape and luxuriously decorated in a patchwork style. It is such a business card holder that is full of playfulness and cuteness that you can enjoy various crocodylida scale patterns.
The inner is cream beige, giving it a luxurious yet cute impression.
A business card of normal thickness can hold about 50 cards in one room, so it is recommended for those who carry a lot.
Items suitable for high-end adults are also recommended as rewards for yourself and gifts for loved ones.
It is a reliable item that attracts rich and cool adults just by holding it.
* The specifications of the image may differ depending on the amount of light.

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