Palm [lizard leather] yellow & gray beige combination patchwork style


A separate round zip coin purse with partitions made by hand by skilled craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia.
[Material / Design]
This style is luxuriously decorated with yellow and gray beige lizard leather in a patchwork style!
Yellow, which has a strong image of energy, looks graceful when combined with beige, and it is a coin purse with a highly synergistic color scheme that can offset both the youthfulness of yellow and the aging feeling of brown.
The puller of the round zipper is a cute braided top.
The inner is baby blue, giving it a luxurious yet cute impression.
Despite its compact size that fits neatly in a bag or pocket, it can securely store cards, folded banknotes, and coins.
Items suitable for high-end adults are also recommended as rewards for yourself and gifts for loved ones. It is a reliable item that attracts rich and cool adults just by holding it.
* The specifications of the image may differ depending on the amount of light.

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