Concept コンセプト

The finest exotic leather,
The luxury of creating haute couture for a lifetime.

Ruke is a bespoke specialty store that uses only the finest exotic leathers carefully selected from around the world.
From full-order products that we listen to customers' requests in detail and create products from scratch, to semi-order products that we select exotic leather and colors from various combinations, we are the only one in the world according to the application and budget. We will carefully handcraft and provide all your valuable products one by one.

Concept コンセプト

Our goal is the charm of natural materials and the skill of craftsmen.
A fusion of unique and tasty manufacturing.

Ruke is a word from Bali, Indonesia, which means "princess" and "brilliance".
Our goal is to create products that can be loved for a long time, with their individuality shining and each taste being born over time.
We would like you to enjoy the unique personality of the world, where the charm of natural materials and the craftsmanship are alive.

Bali is an island located in the eastern part of Indonesia, which is familiar to Japanese people and is visited by many people from all over the world in search of its charm.
Blessed with magnificent nature and rich culture, with resorts such as traditional temples, World Heritage Sites and modern beaches, Bali is known as the "Plow Dewata" (the island where the gods live).
The unique energy of the island gives people vitality and smiles, and has the power as a great power spot.

Concept コンセプト

Carefully manufactured one by one in Kerobokan, a town in the eastern part of Bali.
Japanese staff will hold detailed meetings.

The workshop is located in Kerobokan, a town in the midwestern part of Bali, and uses natural materials such as leather grown in the nature of Bali, Indonesia, while making the best use of the texture of each, and the sensibility and quality of Japanese people. With careful handwork that clears the standard of height, we will sublimate the material that gives off a strong individuality into an item.

Please be assured that the Japanese staff will communicate directly with the customer and manufacture based on the detailed design for detailed meetings regarding custom-made products.

ProductThe finest exotic leather,
The luxury of creating haute couture for a lifetime.

Fully made to order

Custom made

For fully custom-made products, we will create products using exotic leather from scratch based on the customer's request.
From bags and wallets to belts and accessories to car interiors, we will faithfully shape the materials, colors, and designs of our customers' carefully selected images.

Semi-custom made

Semi custom made

From the popular existing designs, we will create original products by selecting materials and coloring according to the customer's favorite combination.
We will deliver your own Ruke at a more reasonable price.

off the shelf

Productoff the shelf

You can purchase Ruke original products using the finest exotic leather.
Craftsmen carefully handcraft each item one by one.
Although it is of high quality, it has high cost performance, and we are very pleased with the gifts.