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The mystery of the lucky stingray, also known as the "jewel that swims," lies in the "celestial eye" hidden in its shiny body... The hump-shaped part on the back of the stingray was used as the handle of swords in Japan in ancient times, and was valued for its decorative and non-slip effect. Ruke specializes in designs that skillfully use this unique feature to enhance the shine that comes with continued use. In fact, ray bark is mainly composed of calcium phosphate, which is the same quality as bones and teeth. In addition to its glamorous appearance as if studded with brilliant stones, it is durable enough to last for 100 years. In addition, it is stain resistant and can be wiped with water. It is truly a superb material suitable for making something that will last a lifetime.



The highest level of reptile leather. There is a wide range of prices depending on the species and the manufacturing process. In addition, relatively inexpensive crocodile style leather has been available for a long time, but if you are particular about authenticity, we recommend you to go to a specialty store. At Ruke, we deal in small crocodile (Irie crocodile) with its beautiful fine scales and Nile crocodile with its vivid contrast of bamboo and round spots. If you're new to the store, we'll explain everything from how to recognize the real thing to how to choose the leather of your choice, all while chewing over technical terms and touching the hides. Please leave it to our representative, Mr. Wada, to help you turn a very rare material into an exquisite product that you will love.



It is characterized by its three-dimensional scaly texture and the creepy feeling on your fingertips when you stroke it. In addition to the natural patterns created by the snake's seeds, it shows a variety of expressions depending on whether it is opened from the back or the belly, how it is dyed, and how it is processed. Although it looks so delicate that it might peel off, it is actually easy to handle because of its flexible cortex. In addition to being a material that can be used in a variety of designs, it is also very light, making it a good match for casual use. It also has the elegance of nurturing beauty over time, making care of it an enjoyable experience.



The ring-marked lizard is native to Southeast Asia, including Bali where our workshop is located. At Ruke, we handle these ring-marked lizards with the utmost care and skill, as they are a rare and highly prized natural material worldwide. Aside from the wildness of the reptile, the scales, which are arranged in rows, are as fine as a miniature painting. The scales are as fine as a miniature painting, and are suitable for creating a serene beauty.

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