Custom made

Full custom made
Everything is your freedom.
Why don't you make a genuine treasure with attention to detail?


Only one in the world with skillful technique
Create exotic leather products.

When it comes to custom-made leather products, bags and wallets come to mind first, but at Ruke, we offer custom-made consultations on all kinds of products according to the needs of our customers.
I want to make something like this to order! If you think that, please feel free to contact us.
In order to make the impossible possible, we will do our best to fulfill your wishes by making full use of the technology and know-how cultivated by the person in charge and skilled craftsmen.


Only high quality exotic leather from all over the world
Carefully select and use.

Exotic leather is the leather of rare animals such as crocodile and python, which is not the leather supplied from animals raised as livestock such as "cow, horse, sheep, pig", which is called general leather in the industry. is.
Unique patterns, unique expressions, textures and atmospheres are very popular, and many products such as synthetic leather and cowhide embossed products are on the market.
Most of the exotic leather is restricted by the "Washington Convention" etc.
It is a high-class material that is extremely rare and cannot be stably supplied, so it is extremely difficult to obtain high-quality materials.
Ruke does not sell any products such as fake or embossed products.
We will deliver products using only high quality real materials.

FlowFlow until delivery

  • reservation


    We accept it 24 hours a day on this website. Please fill out the form and send it. Except for holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays, we will contact you within 2 business days from the date of your inquiry to determine the schedule for your visit or online meeting.

  • Visit / online visit

    02Visit / online visit

    Ruke Setagaya Atelier has a gallery. We will consult with you about the details after seeing the exhibits and actually touching the abundant material samples to expand the image.

  • Proposal / Order

    03Proposal / Order

    Based on the customer's image, we will carefully select the type and color of leather and other materials (zippers, etc.). For example, in the case of a wallet, you can enjoy different types and colors of leather on the outside and leather on the inside, make the stitch color stand out, choose fastener metal fittings, and pay attention to the details of the design. It is also possible to ask about your budget and the situation in which you will use it, and make a proposal.

  • Contract / Deposit

    04Contract / Deposit

    We will exchange a purchase order and make a contract. We will keep 50% of the price on your way home and start production.

  • Production / inspection

    05Production / inspection

    The production team in Bali will make it according to the purchase order. Through the final check, we will carefully check for any defects and carefully pack the accepted products.

  • Delivery / payment

    06Delivery / payment

    Basically, we will deliver it by courier. You can also visit us and check with us. Please let us know if you have any problems or concerns. We will answer in good faith and, in some cases, make adjustments.
    The deposit will be applied to the price and the balance will be paid at the time of delivery.

We also accept orders for such items.
Put your thoughts into shape.

  • Watch band
  • belt
  • accessories
  • pencil case
  • book cover